Finfluence - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

I started working on Finfluence around 5 years ago. It took me two years until the first version was ready.

What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

The most challenging aspect was and is still to find enough time for it. Developing this app is a side project. I decided a while ago not to put revenue goals first. That is why Finfluence is completely free and without any ads.

Finfluence is a project from German consultant, author and speaker Norbert D. Frank. After publishing his first book about finances “Better than Budgeting”, an app with the same name was published and later renamed to Finfluence. The main goal of the app is, to empower its users to manage their finances without distraction, leading to more freedom and quality of life.

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

I love Airtable and how flexible it can be used for any structured data. Another great app is Focus To-Do which helps me to stay focused using the Pomodoro Technique. I love the simplistic yet beautiful design.

How long have you been working on this app?

I started working on Finfluence around 5 years ago. It took me two years until the first version was ready.

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

The primary goal of the app is, to help its users to track their personal finances without distraction. Finfluence is very flexible and can be used for a broad overview or a very detailed analysis of your financial situation.

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

Budgeting apps are typically centered around accounts and work similar to accounting software. Finfluence is centered around the categories you define for your finances. You don't have to enter every transaction from your accounts, to get a general overview how you use your money. Finfluence is very flexible and focused around a single question: what do I do with my money. The central category list makes it very easy to enter new transactions.

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

I am working right now a huge update including a new module to manage contracts and to track your net worth, more sync options, easier settings and much more. And a desktop app is on the road map.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

My main advice is, to spend a little time thinking about how you want to organize your finances. Finfluence has no predefined categories, because we our lives are all different. Make it your own and try out what works best for you. And also don't hesitate to get in touch with me, give me feedback or tell me how the app can be further improved.


About App:

Finfluence is a modern expense tracking app with a focus on simplicity, privacy, and comprehensive documentation. Unique to Finfluence is the fact that the app is deliberately not structured like an accounting system, allowing you to choose your own level of detail - from greatly simplified to very detailed. The free version contains all essential functions, has no ads, and you can enter unlimited categories and transactions. Tracking one’s own finances is more important than ever. Finfluence combines powerful features with simple concepts.

Finfluence is the successor to the successful „Better than Budgeting" app. The main features and concepts are the same but have been modernized and improved. Existing data can be transferred from „Better than Budgeting“ to Finfluence.

Main features:
* The central category list shows all essential information at a glance.
* To add a transaction, just tap on a category.
* The category type „Saving & Investing“ separates savings and investment payments from expenses.
* Choose from over 200 icons.
* Set a custom budget for your categories.
* Open from each page the corresponding documentation in case you need it.
* Assign payment methods to your transactions and analyze their usage.
* Finfluence can be used completely offline - no data is transferred to central servers.
* Automate repeating transactions. Repetitions can be canceled after a certain number of transactions at a specific end date.
* Daily backups can be automated. Send your backups via e-mail.
* Protect the app via PIN code or fingerprint.
* Use the built-in reports and charts to analyze your data.
* Various statistics and average values give you valuable information.
* Customize the financial month to start at a specific day.
* Free of charge and free of advertising.

Categories: Finance

Date: June 22, 2021

Developer: Norbert D. Frank

About developer: Finfluence is a project from German consultant, author and speaker Norbert D ... Read more



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