HabiTap - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

Yes. Java, Kotlin, and Swift.

What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

Getting this to work on phones without root access. Ultimately, we were able to make it work using Android accessibility services.

Gregory Dunbar is the sole owner and only employee of Dunbar Technology, LLC, a company that makes mobile apps. Gregory has been a professional photographer for more than 10 years and a hobbyist photographer for more than 20 years. Gregory entered the app business in 2012, when he was dissatisfied with the lack of good options for photography apps that were designed for professional photographers, so he learned online how to program apps and then started "Photographer's Arsenal" which is a brand and trade name of Dunbar Technology, LLC. Gregory's main focus has been creating cutting edge and useful apps for professional photographers, such as: 'SkyCandy', an app that predicts when sunrise and sunset will be beautiful. 'Fotocast', a comprehensive weather app designed exclusively for photographers. 'AuroraCast', the best aurora forecast app for northern lights hunters. 'Chromatix', an app that automatically colourises black and white photos using machine learning technology. In 2018, after suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for many years and getting annoyed with apps and games that need repeated taps on the screen, he created 'HabiTap', an automatic clicker that is completely free. Gregory is also working on creating a to-do list app that is completely free and unlike any other. Be sure to like and follow 'Photographer's Arsenal' on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on the progress.

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

My own apps of course, just kidding! I personally find myself using the 'MyFitnessPal' app the most. Gotta log those carbs!

How long have you been working on this app?

From the beginning, about one month. We are still continuing work on it though, and have a lot of exciting features planned.

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and have some issues with my fingers working properly. A lot of apps out there (especially games) require you to do a lot of mindless tapping. I wanted to create an app that could do this automatically and to help people with disabilities that have trouble tapping their phone screen multiple times. There are other apps out there that can do this, but most of them require root access on your phone, and the ones that don't, either aren't free or have really annoying ads. I wanted to create the app that is free (and ad-free) for the good of mankind.

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

It's better because it's free and doesn't have annoying ads in it. It's also great that it doesn't require root access, which a lot of auto clicker apps require. Personally, I think the layout and interface on 'HabiTap' is the best and easiest to use, but some may disagree. Oh, and the interface is orange, which is my favorite color!

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

We are going to add better scripting support to fully automate tapping in multiple locations, as well as a multi-tap mode to tap on different areas of the screen at the same time. We are also going to redesign the pointer and make the app run better, as well as fix bugs.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

If the app helps you, please do share it with your friends and family. The more people install the app, the more motivated I am to continue working on it and making it better with more features and tools. Honestly, I'm not going to maintain an app that no one is using! If you have any problems with the app, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time before leaving a review. Seriously, so many people leave bad reviews without contacting me first. How do they expect me to be able to fix issues and bugs if I don't have any information? Leaving a negative review without contacting the app dev first is a very rude thing to do, and going into the app business has really opened my eyes to just know exactly how many rude people exist on this planet/rant ended. ;)


About App: HabiTap is an automatic clicker (auto clicker) that can tap a point on your screen repeatedly. It is specially designed for people suffering from disabilities such as carpal tunnel syndrome and partial paralysis of the hand and arm where repeated tapping on the screen is necessary and difficult to accomplish. Features: *Automatic Multi-point Recorder: Record different positions to automatically tap (auto click) in your favorite apps and games. *Single-point Tap: Tap in a single spot repeatedly at a speed you can set. *Dual-point Tap: Tap in two spots repeatedly at a speed you can set. *No Root, Ad-Free: This app does not require root. It has no ads, and is completely free to use. It only works with Android 7 (Nougat) devices and higher. It works on 90% of apps and games on the market, as well as on the basic Android system. There is an optional in-app upgrade to HabiTap Pro which allows dual pointer mode. Is it your habit to tap? Then get HabiTap today!

Categories: Tools

Date: August 31, 2018

Developer: Gregory Dunbar

About developer: Gregory Dunbar is the sole owner and only employee of Dunbar Technology, LLC ... Read more

Website: https://www.photographersarsenal.com


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