Fext - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

Yes, I have built another app in the news category.

What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

Sending texts are relatively easy with APIs, however getting mass SMSs delivered without having them filtered out was very challenging.

I used to work at Facebook and realized it was very hard for small business owners and entrepreneurs to promote and manage their businesses so I created Fext. I live in San Francisco, love coffee, motorcycles and machine learning :)

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

Calm: Has made sleep much easier for me, Spotify - my trusted workout partner, YouTube - well, YouTube :)

How long have you been working on this app?

1 year

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

It is very hard to reach customers for small businesses, as they do not have the expensive software tools that their corporate competitors might use. Fext is used by thousands of businesses everyday to schedule appointments, send mass marketing messages and text reminders.

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

I used to work on the growth team at Facebook and realized the importance of making things easy and understandable. The current alternatives on the market have complicated user interfaces, do not explain what is going on well and are expensive. I thought someone needed to simplify things for self-employed and small business owners.

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

I'm working on making it easy to create groups and add channels other than SMS.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

Please let me know what is hard about running your business today, I'd love to improve Fext to make that easy.


About App:
Send scheduled texts! Send individual or group text blasts with ease!

Fext makes life easy with features like mass group texting, repeating texts, efficient templates, and attaching photos & videos will make you a productivity rockstar.

Categories: Business

Date: April 17, 2022

Developer: Gonenc Mete

About developer: I used to work at Facebook and realized it was very hard for small business ... Read more

Website: http://pericarp.io


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