Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

Yes, our team started developing apps more than a decade ago. We started with an app called iShredder for the Apple iPhone to erase data when users are selling their devices.

A few years later, we started working on some security apps for Android, such as iShredder Android, Camera Guard, and Micro Guard.

Today, we have some successful Android apps, such as this Anti Spy or even our latest Firewall app.

What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

The goal was to realize a tool that detects and removes spyware from Android devices and proactively prevents espionage. We had some malware detection and artificial intelligence (AI) experience, but the problem was to bring all these powerful and often resourceful features to the user's device.

So, the most challenging aspect was not the app itself. It was the part that the user doesn't see: We have developed a new cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) for more than two years and connected the cloud with the Anti Spy Android app.

This Protectstar AI CLOUD is a cloud-based neural network that analyzes apps' behavior for suspicious activity in milliseconds and compares the signatures with millions of malware and espionage characteristics. It can even detect unknown threats or zero-day exploits in real-time. In the end, the AI cloud servers are doing the central part of the job, while the users' device is taking minimal resources.

The interviewee, Chris Bohn, is a German cybersecurity expert and the Founder & CEO of Protectstar Inc. With Protectstar's innovative cybersecurity solutions, the company serves more than 3,000,000
customers worldwide. Protectstar is trusted by private users, famous companies, and even government organizations around the globe.
The company ProtectstarTM Inc. was founded in 2004. Innovative security solutions are the passion at ProtectstarTM.

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

We're using the SIGNAL MESSENGER app daily to send messages securely. It is one of the most secure apps on the market. It's free and even open-source.
The SPOTIFY app is another app I love. It's working great and has millions of songs. It makes sure to be in a good mood while you're working or driving in a car or having an international night-flight. Last but not least: The REVOLUT banking app is fantastic because it redefines how online banking works.

How long have you been working on this app?

It's hard to say clearly: We started working in 2016 with the first artificial intelligence-based modules and continued to develop them for many years. We put together all the modules until the idea came up for an antispyware scanner app.

It took about four months until we brought it all together: Features, design, settings, app icon, etc. In October 2019, we released version 1.0 of Anti Spy Android. Since February 2021, we have version 3.0

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

We wanted to protect the users in a new innovative way. Over the years, our support team received thousands of emails from women who had problems with their ex-partners because they spied and tracked them and often ruined their lives.

Other users claimed that they believe they have been hacked or infected with a trojan, but the favorite security apps didn't help. They all were asking for advice, and it seemed that nobody was listening to them before.

The most well-known safety apps like antivirus scanners didn't help because they are often too complicated to use for the average user. At the same time, the detection rate of in-the-wild malware is limited. Besides, a holistic view on IT security-related topics is missing.

We always questioned: How can we develop an Anti Spy app for all these users that protects their Android devices not only from known spyware, such as mSpy, FinSpy, and more, but also from spying-, SMS-, and GPS- trackers and monitoring apps used by law enforcement agencies in some countries? How can we create it user-friendly so everybody can use it, with just a push of a button?

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

Our tool removes malware, adware, and other spyware from your Android device and proactively prevents espionage. Real-time scanners and artificial intelligence engines even detect unknown spy apps.

We're very proud that Anti Spy Android often detected more malware than the popular security apps on the market.

As explained before, our Protectstar AI CLOUD is doing all the complicated things and analysis while the user gets the results on his device's screen. The app is easy to use. The app works smoothly, is fast, and also looks visually appealing. With just one click on the "SCAN" button, potential threats and hidden spyware processes are detected and permanently eliminated.

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

A few months ago, we also released a Firewall for Android that is based on artificial intelligence (AI). We plan to bring the technologies of Anti Spy and Firewall together. At the same time, we're working on some new useful features for daily use, more optimizations, and a new file scanner.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

We helped hundreds of thousands of users to make their Android devices clean of spyware and malware. Together with our latest Firewall Android app, we keep-out hackers.

We received many thank-you letters because the app helped users to make their life safe again. Please make up your own mind by trying out the app. It's free, and you can even check a 7-day free trial version of the Anti Spy PRO edition.

Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner

About App:

Anti Spy has been developed to scan Android devices for potential spies effectively.
Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), real-time signature updates, and heuristic detection methods, users are proactively protected against spyware and dangerous stalkerware.

Antispyware Scanner
Anti Spy is based on the intelligent Deep Detective™ technologies that protect hundreds of thousands of our users every day against hackers and targeted espionage attacks.

The intelligent algorithms detect fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Adware, LeadBolt, Sms-Thief, Backdoors, Rooting, Sms-Fraud, Key Logger, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Ransomware, LokiBot, etc.

Whether foreign spies, hackers, spouse, friend, boss, or a colleague, with just one click on the "SCAN" button, potential spy apps and hidden spyware processes are detected. In only a few milliseconds, Anti Spy compares all process and app signatures with many thousands of anti-espionage algorithms.

Spyware removal tool
Are you looking for an antispy mobile app? This anti spy mobile app is all you need. Our scanner cleaner protects your device against any intrusion. Is someone spying on you? Let Anti Spy handle that. Block virus spyware, prevent unauthorized tracking and surveillance monitoring by our anti-malware app. The spyware detection algorithm helps you get rid of the spyware and know spyware details. Our privacy scanner takes you to incognito against any vulnerability.

Intelligent protection against espionage & Against (un) known spyware
Anti Spy detects not only known spy apps, but also Spy-, SMS-, and GPS trackers, as well as monitoring apps often used by governments agencies in some countries.

The AI engine monitors the behavior of apps and processes. Any opportunity to spy on you using spyware, trojans and other malware are proactively prevented.

Thanks to the real-time scanner and heuristic scanning methods, even unknown spy headers are reported.

An ideal combination
Anti Spy is perfect for use in combination with existing security solutions such as antivirus scanners and is suitable for excellent privacy protection in conjunction with Camera Guard™ and Micro Guard™.

Guarantee from Protectstar™
Protectstar™ Anti Spy does not collect any personal data of the user on any medium. The app is also ad-free. Like all our apps!

+ Free protection against espionage apps
+ Engine based on artificial intelligence with heuristic malware detection methods
+ Anti Malware features: Detects spyware and various types of malware
+ Detection of known spy apps, that are often used by governments.
+ Detects fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Sms-Thief, Rooting, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Ransomware, etc.
+ Detection of spies, SMS- and GPS trackers
+ It also detects hidden and disabled spies
+ Whitelist: Adding trusted apps to the exception list Regular updates
+ No root rights required

Features of the optional PRO edition:
+ Real-time Protection
+ Priority real-time updates
+ AI Life Rules
+ Set up an automatic background scan
+ Enhanced heuristic anti-spy engine to detect more unknown spy apps
+ Enhanced AI Cloud (Artificial Intelligence Cloud)
+ Detects suspicious spyware and malware on Android TV

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Date: March 26, 2021

Developer: Protectstar Inc.

About developer: The interviewee, Chris Bohn, is a German cybersecurity expert and the Founde ... Read more



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