Xceed - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

Unfortunately not.

What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

Define a well-thought short, medium and long term roadmap that would keep simplicity at its initial core, virality/scalability driven feature right after and engagement focus on the long run.

While studying, Mattia founded one of the first global platforms for Nightlife, with the mission of finally bringing together clubbers and clubs’ managers. Xceed has now grown into a profitable business with over 3.5 million users in 2018, +20M reservations to date and an annual GMV of 10M€.

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

N26 app: very clear, simple and elegant.
Tinder: the UX/UI + swipes + branding is just genius.

How long have you been working on this app?

Over 6 years now.

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

Help people discovering and booking nightlife events, based on their taste and social sphere, in a simple and centralized way.

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

Our apps rely on cutting edge technologies and outstanding architecture design. We are continuously iterating, discovering tech trends and improving our apps consciously. We take the UX design really seriously. Every screen is carefully thought out to facilitate the discovery of events and venues around our customers. We also know that the access control must be fast, reliable and, sometimes, offline. We cover it all. Our Nightgraph app simply works.

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

We have been working in the background on a full redesign that is expected to see the light in September. That will come with a completely renewed look and feel, easier UX and brand-consistent UI. Our next steps will be focusing on the core user experience. Adding a better and more horizontal offer (not only clubs and festivals but also bars and restaurants), improving the social aspects of the app (follow friends, start polls about where to party together, set up a pre-party, discover and recommend artists etc..), polishing performances and UI, and putting the user at the center of everything through machine learning techniques.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

Lay back, download the app, login, enjoy the platform, share it with your friends and the rest of your nights. Feedbacks are more than welcome to the email [email protected]


About App: Xceed provides you a well-curated list of night plans - from last-minute underground after-parties to the largest outdoor festivals: we’re all about making it as simple as possible to join the best parties in your city & never miss your favorite DJs when traveling!

Categories: Events

Date: August 10, 2019

Developer: Mattia Franco

About developer: While studying, Mattia founded one of the first global platforms for Nightli ... Read more

Website: https://xceed.me/


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