SHED – THE NOTORIOUS CARD GAME - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?


What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

- Getting clients (marketing, PR, Exposure)
- fixing all the bugs

We are four college students. Three of us are from Lebanon and the fourth is from Egypt. We love SHED and wanted to spread the mission. Mainly, we wanted to play together since we are all studying in different parts of the globe (Tanta, Paris, NYC, Madrid). 20% of our profit will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross ever since the explosion, our nation has been suffering.

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

Tarneeb, Jawaker, King's corner (I love cards.)

How long have you been working on this app?

2 years.

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

Entertainment: The game is very fun and addictive yet is only popular in prisons and among backpackers. We want to help spread it.

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

Our app is better because:
1) We stuck to the original shed rules unlike many of our competitors
2) Our app is free unlike our biggest competitor
3) the graphics and UI/UX are smoother than the competition
4) We have both an offline and online mode of play
5) An interactive tutorial (unique to us) to teach new players.

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

Improve the UI/UX. They are great considering we are four college students working on our first-ever app, but there is always room for improvement to make the game better, smoother, and cleaner.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

Any bugs, questions and improvements: We strive to get better.


About App:

The NOTORIOUS card game is now on all mobile devices. The most played prison game, infamous for ending friendships can now be played long distance!
Mixing the perfect amount of skill, luck & strategy, this game will definitely hook you.
The goal is not to win, but to not lose: everyone has to finish their cards to avoid being the SHITHEAD!
Fast pace, Easy Rules, High Stakes. Are you ready?

Categories: Card

Date: December 31, 2020

Developer: Michael Ejbeh

About developer: We are four college students. Three of us are from Lebanon and the fourth is ... Read more



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